Students can be admitted to the MSOL Program either in the fall or spring term.




Application deadlines:

  • Fall: May 15th 
  • Spring: December 1st

The Area Director of your chosen area will be your Faculty Advisor.  If you have questions regarding technical content and prerequisites needed, please contact the Area Director of your prospective program.

Our admission criteria is based on your undergraduate GPA in an ABET accredited science or engineering program, in conjunction with other evidence of your ability to succeed in highly technical graduate courses. This includes factors such as work experience in the chosen area of study and graduate courses completed with outstanding grades in the chosen area of study.


You may take our online courses through University Extension (UNEX) as a non-matriculating student.  Up to two UNEX courses can be transferred into the degree program if you decide to apply and are admitted to the degree program. Please click here for enrollment information.


Master of Science in Engineering – (Aerospace, Computer Networking, Electrical, Electronic Materials, Integrated Circuits, Materials Science, Mechanical, Manufacturing and Design, Structural Materials)
Each student’s transcript will list courses by department name and course number in the same manner as they are for the on-campus programs.

Master of Science in Engineering

Students in the following programs will receive additional Certificates of Specializations: Data Science Engineering, Engineering Management, Mechanics of Structures, Reliability Engineering, Sustainable Water and Systems Engineering. 

Students that complete the course requirements for the specialized areas of study will receive an additional certificate of completion for that specialization.

Please visit the links from the home page under Departmental Programs for more information.

Application Process
When applying to the MS Online Program please choose a major. The majors we have for MSOL are as follows:

Major Name:  Engineering-Aerospace, Online
Major Code:  00AS
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-AER

Major Name:  Engineering-Computer Networking, Online
Major Code:  00AZ
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-CN

Major Name:  Engineering-Electrical, Online
Major Code:  00AU
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-EL

Major Name:  Engineering-Electronic Materials, Online
Major Code:  00B2
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-EM

Major Name: Engineering-Integrated Circuits, Online
Major Code:  00B8
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-IC

Major Name: Engineering-Materials Science, Online
Major Code:  00AV
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-MAT

Major Name: Engineering-Mechanical, Online
Major Code:  00AR
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-MCH

Major Name: Engineering-Manufacturing and Design, Online
Major Code:  00AT
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-MFG

Major Name: Engineering-Structural Materials, Online
Major Code:  00B3
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-SM

Major Name: Engineering-Signal Processing and Communications, Online
Major Code:  00B5
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGR-SPC

Major Name: Engineering (For Data Science Engineering, Engineering Management, Mechanics of Structures, Reliability Engineering, Sustainable Water, & Systems Engineering Students)
Major Code:  00A5
SR Major Abbreviation:  ENGINEERING-MS Online