Graduation Information

1. Enroll in your last course (if you are opting to complete the Capstone project [ENGR 299], you will need to designate an adviser to supervise your project)  For additional information or a description of the research project, please refer to the following link:
(Students cannot self-enroll in ENGR 299–please e-mail the MSOL Office with your name, UID, and the name of your Adviser so that we can enroll you in this specific course).  

2. Fill out a petition for Advancement to Candidacy. This form needs to be e-mailed (or faxed: 310-825-3081) to the MSOL Office no later than the second week of the quarter you expect the award of the degree.

Diploma Request

Diplomas are available approximately three months after the degree-award date.  A diploma is not released if the student has outstanding financial obligations to the University. Check the student record on MyUCLA for outstanding holds.

After the third week of the degree-expected term, students can access the MyUCLA Diploma Request feature or use a Diploma Mail Request form to provide diploma release instructions and select a delivery method. Students can request in-person pickup, agent pickup, or delivery. Instructions for diploma delivery should be provided no later than one month after the last day of the degree-award term.

For further information, please visit:

Transcript Request

Please visit the following link for transcript information:

Click here for additional information about diplomas (FAQ)