Student Forms

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Leave Of Absence
A leave of absence must be filled out by any student that is planning not to attend a quarter(s). A leave of absence is granted by Graduate Division to continuing graduate students in good academic standing (3.0 GPA) (no exceptions), who have completed at least one quarter in graduate status at UCLA. A leave of absence request must be e-mailed to

Leave of Absence Policy:
Leave Of Absence Criteria & Form

Student Examination Agreement (SEA Form)
A SEA (Student Examination Agreement) Form, must be filled out by all students to elect a preference of exam options.  Forms must be filled out 2 weeks prior to your first exam. You have 3 options for taking your exams:

Option 1: On-campus examination
Option 2: You secure a proctor (Employer, Administrator, etc)
Option 3: Testing Center

This form only needs to be submitted once, UNLESS, you have a change in options.  All proctors need to sign the form certifying their intent to proctor an exam for you.  Exams are generally sent 3 days prior to the on-campus examination (just in case the proctor has questions, etc), and the off-campus examination needs to be completed and sent back (faxed or scanned) by the end of the on-campus examination date.
If your proctor is at your place of employment it must be a manager, supervisor, or administrator in the human resources dept, or an education coordinator. Unacceptable proctors include the following: Co-workers, Direct Supervisors.

Please also note, if you are using a proctor or testing center, exams are available to proctors by 8am, Pacific Standard Time (PST) the day before the on-campus exam date until midnight PST on the exam day. Students must complete the exam no later than the on-campus exam date. Proctors are responsible for returning all exam materials by fax to 310-825-3081, or email (scanned) to immediately following completion of the exam.
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