Capstone Project


MSOL Capstone Project (ENGR 299) – Guidelines

The Capstone Project is one of two options available to meet the Comprehensive Exam Requirement.  Students should enroll in ENGR 299 as their final course in the program (or at minimum, the second to last course).

Assessment of student performance (letter grade) will be based on the demonstrated ability of the student to integrate MS course acquired knowledge into a project.  Capstone project reports will be kept on record by the MSOL Office and may be submitted to WASC and shown to others at any time.

STEP 1: Choose an advisor for ENGR 299 (we recommended that you find an advisor at least one term in advance).

There are several ways for a student to identify an advisor for a project:  Review the list of instructors from your area of study.  Find one that works in a research area that is of interest to you.  If you need further advisement, please contact the Area Director of your program.

STEP 2: After you have identified a potential advisor, initiate contact by sending an introductory e-mail.  You may want to include topic ideas and/or write a project description.

STEP 3: Once you receive a commitment from your advisor, please send an e-mail request to the MSOL office with the following:

  • Full name
  • UID#
  • Enrollment term
  • Name of your advisor
It is recommended that the project include the following elements; however, requirements can be flexible and are to be discussed and agreed upon between the student and the advisor.

  • Preliminary review due week 3 (typically a 15-20 page written report with references that includes background, detailed weekly plan of proposed work for balance of term).
  • Critical review, written and oral due week 7 (typically a 40-45 page written report with figures and references Includes analytical and computational work, and sample calculations)
  • Final review, written report and oral due week 10 (typically a 50-60 page written report that includes a detailed summary of work [analytical and computational as appropriate], recommendations and references.