MSOL Studio Information

  • Reservations are required for all recording studios (located in 4732 BH)
  • If you would like a walk-through demo, please contact:
  • Click here to reserve a recording room (login with your UCLA Logon ID). Go to Schedule > Bookings to access the MSOL Calendar and reserve a studio
  • Studio B is used for Echo360 recording for class presentations
  • Studio C is used for Zoom online office hours only (do not use Zoom to record lectures)
  • E-mail if you have log-in issues with the scheduling application
  • E-mail if you have specific issues with reserving studio time
  • Check out the studio key from 4732 BH (be sure to return the key by the end of the day)

SEASnet Computing Resources for MSOL

MSOL “Universal Capture: Personal” downloading instructions

Transition to Online training

Graduate Student Employment

Required forms:


  • All forms require handwritten signatures (typed signatures will be returned). 
  • Please return all forms to Maria Contreras @ 4732H Boelter Hall

MSOL Textbook Checkout

To borrow a desk copy of a textbook for a course you are teaching:

1) Contact our office to ensure that the textbook is available.
2) Sign the MSOL Textbook Checkout form during pickup.
3) Return the textbook to our office by the start of the following quarter.