Non-matriculating students may be eligible to take MSOL courses through UCLA Extension (UNEX).

UCLA Extension (UNEX) Enrollment

Why enroll through UCLA Extension?

  • You are interested in applying to the MSOL Program
  • You are seeking professional development through one of our certificate programs
  • You would like to take an online engineering course for your own personal enrichment

All non-matriculating students must enroll via UNEX.

If you are interested in applying to the MSOL Program (and later receive an offer of admission), up to two UNEX courses can be transferred to UCLA. Prior to taking UNEX courses, you may be asked to consult with an Area Director to ensure that you have the prerequisite knowledge for the course.


  • You must receive a “B” or better in order to transfer the course.
  • You can petition to transfer an eligible course after you complete your first quarter as an admitted MSOL student.
  • Only the units transfer over, not the letter grade or marks. (Transferred courses are not computed into your GPA. In addition, credits for the Comprehensive Exam Requirement are for matriculated students only and do not transfer over).

Please be advised that taking courses through UNEX does not guarantee future admission into the MSOL Program.  

MSOL Course Tuition: $4,400 per course + $300 UNEX fee = $4,700 total

Please contact our Admissions team directly to enroll: