Exam Information


Please read this page thoroughly for various examination options and instructions.

All students (no matter which option they choose) must submit a SEA FORM to the MSOL Office two weeks prior to an exam if:

  • You are taking your first exam as a new student in the MSOL Program.
  • You need to change your current proctor to a different proctor.  We can store up to two proctors at once; one being your “primary” and the other your “alternate.”  You may alternate between two proctors (or switch back to test on campus) but you must e-mail our office two weeks in advance of an exam to let us know.
  • You previously took an MSOL course via UCLA Extension but have now been officially admitted.

If the above does not apply, you do not need to submit a new SEA Form.  The last SEA Form you submit will remain as your default option unless you indicate otherwise.  Please submit your SEA Form to:  and be sure to include your electronic or scanned signature.  An email confirmation is sent when the SEA Form is approved.

The SEA Form confirms that the student’s proctor has a business email address, reliable access to the internet, the ability to download and print PDF documents, and access to a scanner or fax machine (to send the completed exams to the MSOL Office).  Students who fail to submit their SEA Form on time risk forfeiting their ability to take an exam.


Please arrive to campus at least 45 minutes prior to the exam time.  Bring two forms of photo identification.

Note: If you are enrolled in two courses, you must choose one exam to be proctored off campus (the Friday before the official exam date).  We cannot proctor additional exams before or after the designated exam time.

PARKING: UCLA has parking for $12 a day.  Lot 9 is the closest parking location to Boelter Hall/Math Science Building.  For more information about parking and to view campus maps, please visit: http://www.ucla.edu/maps-directions-parking/


C&EE 266 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 4283 Boelter Hall
CS 211 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 4413 Boelter Hall
CS 217A SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5252 Boelter Hall
CS 260 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5273 Boelter Hall
CS 262A SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 3915A Math Science
EC ENGR 132B SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 3915D Math Science
EC ENGR 215B SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 3915G Math Science
EC ENGR M214A SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5280 Boelter Hall
EC ENGR 230A SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5419 Boelter Hall
ENGR 188, SEC: 81 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5420 Boelter Hall
ENGR 200, SEC 80/81 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5449 Boelter Hall
ENGR 204 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 2760 Boelter Hall
ENGR 212 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5436 Boelter Hall
MAE 161B SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5422 Boelter Hall
MAE M168 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5464 Boelter Hall
MAE M183B SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5118 Math Science
MAE 270B SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5472 Boelter Hall
MAE M297B SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 9436 Boelter Hall
MSE 224 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 3915H Math Science
MSE 261 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5148 Math Science
MSE 298 SATURDAY, March 16 1- 4 PM 5203 Math Science


OPTION 2: OFF-CAMPUS EXAMINATIONS (i.e. professional testing center, student’s place of employment)

Students are responsible for finding a qualified proctor to administer each exam.  Any fees incurred are also the student’s responsibility.  To protect the integrity of examinations, MSOL reserves the right to reject any proposed proctor or any previously approved proctor.  Special accommodations must be documented with CAE prior to an examination date.

Acceptable proctors include:

  • College or university testing center proctor
  • College or university faculty member
  • Test administrator at a professional testing center
  • Librarian
  • Military: Educational Services Officer or higher ranking officer
  • Corporate Education Coordinator or Human Resources Representative (this option may be available at large companies, typically through a human resources office)


  • Confirm the proctor’s availability in advance (there have been instances where the proctor is out of the office or no longer employed with the company).
  • If utilizing a testing center, ask if a general e-mail address can be listed versus the individual proctor’s e-mail address.


Students are expected to take their midterm exam on the official exam date OR the Friday of week 5.  The final exam should be taken on the official exam date OR the Friday of week 10 (Permission is not required to test on Friday before the official exam date). 

If you need to take an exam on a different date, please e-mail your instructor directly to seek permission (approval is at the sole discretion of the instructor).  If an alternative date is granted, please forward the approval to:  at least two weeks prior to an exam.  It is the student’s responsibility to inform the MSOL Office of any changes/special accommodations.  


Detailed instructions (will vary by each instructor) will be provided to proctors in advance of the exam date.  Provided our office has received the exam from your instructor, exams are released to proctors 1-2 days in advance of the official exam date until midnight PST on the exam day.  Students must complete the exam no later than the official exam date.  Proctors are responsible for returning all exam materials immediately following completion of the exam.  If students or proctors do not follow the exam procedures, the exam may be forfeited.

The websites below may assist you in finding a certified testing center, but is not intended as a comprehensive list.  Testings centers can also be found via a web search + your zip code.

Consortium of College Testing Centers

Testing sites in Canada