Program Cost Financial Aid Information

Application Fee
UCLA charges a $105(US) application fee for US and Permanent Residents, $125 (US) for all other applicants.

Program Costs
The tuition for the 9-Course program is $36,000. Payment of fees is on a course by course basis. $4,000 per course. There is an extra $300 fee for courses taken summer term and through UCLA University Extension (UNEX).

Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Office administers financial support via student loans based on need to domestic students . To apply for Financial Aid, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the FAFSA Renewal Application (Priority deadline Mar 2nd). For further information, please visit, or to complete the application for Financial Aid, visit The Financial Aid Office is located at A129-J Murphy Hall, (310) 206-0400.

Fee Payment Options
There are different ways students can pay their fees. Specific arrangements are made at the time the applicant accepts the offer of admission by the school. Current available options include:

  • Payment by student’s organization (e.g., your employer), according to the organization’s procedures.
  • Combination payment by student and the student’s organization.
  • Payment by student, often with reimbursement by the student’s organization.