The links below contain course descriptions, information about prerequisites, and example lectures or video introductions by the instructors. The content is being developed for all courses and will appear as each is completed.

Computer Sciences

Data Science Engineering

COM SCI 143 Database Systems

Electrical Engineering

EL ENGR 113 Digital Signal Processing
EL ENGR 230B Digital Communication Systems

School of Engineering

Systems Engineering
ENGR 204 Trusted Systems Engineering

Engineering Management Program

ENGR 188 Quality Engineering and Management

Mechanical Engineering

MECH&AE M297C Composites Manufacturing
MECH&AE C296A/C156B Material Failure in Mechanical Design I: Power Transmission
MECH&AE M269A Dynamics of Structures

Materials Science and Engineering

MAT SCI 243A Fracture of Structural Materials
MAT SCI 298 Non Destructive Evaluations