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UCLA’s MSOL program offers something for everyone seeking a graduate engineering degree: a broad set of degrees, a variety of courses, and flexibility in course selection and time to completion. Lectures were recorded and posted online, so I could study at my own pace while working full time. I was also able to take leave of absences to allow me to deal with life events or hardship before resuming. The courses, at least for electrical engineering and computer science, were incredibly interesting and gave me fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge and hands-on skills to prepare for research and industry in the latest technological trends. Better yet, new courses are added year after year so that students can choose courses that best suit their education and career goals. This degree will play a critical role in allowing me to pursue my passions in embedded systems and artificial intelligence and advancing in my career.

Alex Sin

Intel Corporation (Major: Systems Engineering)

The graduate experience provided by MSOL is perfect for a working professional seeking higher education. The coursework is relevant, engaging, and challenging. The ability to build your program of study guarantees that you will graduate the program well-prepared for the future. The program office is abundantly helpful–I recommend that you take advantage of the guidance they provide!

Scott Hillberry

Systems Engineer, Raytheon (Major: Systems Engineering)

UCLA’s MSOL – Engineering Management program was one of the most positive experiences in my pursuit for professional growth. All courses were of incredible value and usefulness. One can manage to immediately apply what is learned to your job function and obtain results. The professors are truly engaging and helpful with great tips for fundamental professional growth.

Luiz Galdino

Coatings Technical Manager, PPG Aerospace (Major: Engineering Management)

MSOL is perfectly tailored for working individuals. You can obtain high quality education while pursuing your career and receive full support from the program’s personnel and faculty. The advisor and faculty genuinely care about your success in completing the program. The classes are challenging but manageable, and their completion is highly satisfactory. I definitely recommend the MSOL program offered by the number one public university in the nation, UCLA.

Shideh Naderi

R&D Electronics/Software Engineer, NASA (Major: Electrical Engineering)

UCLA’s MSOL program in Engineering Management is a specifically designed and targeted program that teaches an individual how to succeed in the workplace by enhancing their skills in big picture analysis and design making. The professors apply theoretical concepts to common real-life situations that are directly translatable to many industries. In addition to the very accommodating teaching staff that were always available (even outside their normal appointed times) the MSOL program provides many outlets aimed to help you connect to other professionals and make the most of the program. I had attended several other programs at other universities before attending UCLA and the transition to UCLA was the best decision I made.

Cameron Braun

Southern California Edison (Major: Engineering Management)

As a young engineer early in my career, UCLA’s MSOL program fit my needs perfectly. The program pace and workload were flexible and meshed well with my full-time work schedule, while the selection of various specializations allowed me to tailor my coursework to align closely with my career goals. Simultaneously gaining real work experience on the same material covered in my classes greatly enhanced my understanding and engagement with the topics, both from an academic and professional standpoint.

William Gonser

Cyber Systems Engineer, LinQuest (Major: Systems Engineering)

The program has exceeded my expectations in many ways. My experiences at MSOL were even better than my undergraduate studies, also at UCLA. Both professors and TAs were very accessible, with most of them holding their video-conference office hours dedicated to the MSOL students in the evening or weekends several times a week. I have never learned more effectively than in the MSOL classes, thanks to the flexible lectures that allowed me to watch and re-watch them based on my schedule (and also to the challenging yet fair homework assignments). I was able to meet friends, form study groups, and complete group projects in many classes. As a patent attorney, I have been blown away by how relevant the knowledge I learned from the MSOL program is in relationship with some of the most cutting edge technologies and patents in Silicon Valley.

Fredrick Tsang

Patent Attorney, Fenwick & West LLP (Major: Electrical Engineering)

The MSOL program was a great choice for me to access high quality education at UCLA while working full time. Balancing between work and school is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. I learned a lot of interesting science and technologies and learned to be more a disciplined and focused person. Most TAs and professors are very accessible and responsive to online students, which makes me feel supported even though I’m far away from campus. I also really appreciate the flexibility on class selection. For a person that did not taking electrical engineering as an undergraduate, I was able to explore multiple subjects and find out what I like. With the help from a few data science and CS classes from the MSOL program, I was able to transition to a data scientist at work, which I find a lot more exciting.
Yajie Wang

Cooper Standard (Major: Electrical Engineering)

The MSOL program is highly recommended for working professionals. Its coursework is very detailed with up-to-date methodologies that can be implemented into your working environment. This is an ideal program if you are working full time, as its online lectures allows you to learn at your own pace throughout the week. I learned a lot about the queueing theory and 5G, just as multi millimeter wave technology is making its appearance in the consumer space. Most TA’s and professors are responsive through emails and the TA’s are very knowledgeable in their respective fields. I was able to explore other graduate courses; for example, their Engineering Management courses where the professors have field experience that they include in their lectures. Their advisors and faculty are very familiar with the curriculum and will assist you in any way to complete the program.
An Nguyen

Electrical Engineering Associate, LADWP (Major: Electrical Engineering)

UCLA’s MSOL program is an excellent way for a working professional to pursue higher education. The flexible schedule allowed me to work full time, help support my wife and newborn, and complete my master’s degree all at the same time. The courses were challenging, but the professors and teaching assistants were all extremely helpful and made my transition back into academia much smoother since it had been over eight years since my undergraduate studies. The program helped me discover an interest in composite materials and reignited a childhood passion for space and exploration. The MSOL program elevated my abilities to solve problems and provided the knowledge and skills I needed to transition into a different field and role. One of the best educational experiences of my life!

Y Le-Ho

Research Engineer, Saint Gobain Performance Plastics (Major: Materials Science Engineering)