Program Structure

Program and Cost Structure

Communication Resources Available to Students of the Program

  • A fully integrated Course Management System, My Engineering (
  • A Threaded Forum by which students may, asynchronously, be in contact with each other, as well as with the Professor and Teacher Assistants
  • An “instant messenger” system, CourseChat, by which students may synchronously be in contact with each other, as well as with the Professor and Teacher assistants
  • Blogs by which students may, asynchronously, be in contact with each other on course and program matters that are not easily addressed by the Threaded Forum
  • A Video Conferencing system, by which synchronous office hours with the Professor and Teacher Assistants are held
    • Equipment requirements for Videoconferencing Office Hours:
      You will need a microphone and speakers for your computer. If you don’t already have this equipment, Wimba recommends the following headset system: PLANTRONICS .Audio 340 3.5mm Connector Supra-aural The Head Stereo Headset $14.99
      Also, you might consider getting a webcam so that the teacher assistants or professor (and other students) will be able to see you when you speak.
      We have no specific recommendation for a webcam.

Available Materials

  • Personalized Video Lectures
  • Downloading of Lecture Slides
  • Homework
  • Students upload Homework electronically
  • Complete electronic access to Science & Engineering Library
    List of Resources
  • Remote Desktop access to all necessary resources (e.g., licensed code)

Course Structure

  • Courses offered on the “Quarter system” (i.e., each course’s duration is 10 weeks)
  • All materials, including video lectures, once posted will remain so for the duration of the course
  • Frequent contact with the Professor and Teacher Assistants via the Threaded Forum, CourseChat, and Video Conferencing
  • Examination may be taken either at the UCLA campus or with an off-campus proctor selected by the student.

Fee Payment Options*

  • Payment by student’s organization, according to the organization’s procedures
  • Combination payment by student and the student’s organization
  • Payment by student, with reimbursement by the student’s organization
  • *Specific arrangements made at the time the applicant accepts the offer of admission by the School

Science & Engineering Library Resources for Master of Science in Engineering
  • E-journals
  • Article Databases
    • Compendex
    • IEEE Xplore
    • Inspec
    • NTIS
  • E-reference Books
  • UCLA Library Catalog
  • UC’s Melvyl Catalog
  • Librarian(s)
  • Document Delivery
  • Search Engines
    • Google Scholar or Google
    • CiteSeer
    • Scirus