MS Engineering – Mechanical (pending final approval)

Area Director: Mal,

The UCLA MS Engineering Online Program plans to offer the
“Master of Science in Engineering – Mechanical” degree beginning Fall 2013. 
Applicants must be accepted by the department.  Students in this degree program must meet all departmental degree requirements as found in the UCLA HSSEAS Announcement ( and summarized below.
Only the comprehensive plan (not the thesis option) is available
through the online program.


The comprehensive requirement can be met in one of two ways:

9 Courses + 1 Project Course or

9 Courses + Take and pass three comprehensive examination
questions offered in conjunction with three mechanical and aerospace
engineering graduate courses (200 level)

The breadth requirement
must be met by students that do not have a mechanical engineering undergraduate
degree by taking these 3 courses

  • MAE 150B: Aerodynamics [Summer]
  • MAE156A Advanced Strength of Materials [Fall]

All students must take at least 1
of the following

Please note: The departmental requirements do not allow counting Engr 299 toward the 36 unit degree requirement.   Students typically take the three comprehensive examination question option and
take a ninth course that is not a project course. 

The remaining courses
must be taken in one or more of the specialty areas covering the existing major
fields in the Department.  At least 4
must be at the 200 Level.


Courses currently offered online through the MAE Dept.

150B: Aerodynamics [Summer]

Advanced Strength of Materials [Fall]

154B: Design of Aerospace Structures [Fall]

166C Design of Composite Structures [Fall]

MAE 168. Introduction to Finite Element
Technology [Winter]

MAE 171B: Digital Control of Physical Systems [Spring]

MAE 250D: Computational Aerodynamics [Summer]

256A. Linear Elasticity

256F. Analytical Fracture Mechanics [Summer]

262 Mechanics of Intelligent Material Systems

269A: Dynamics of Structures [Spring]

269D: Aeroelastic Effects in Structures [Winter]

270A: Linear Dynamic Systems [Winter]

270B: Linear Optimal Control [Fall]

295C. RFID Systems, Design, & Analysis [Summer]

296A. Damage and Failure of Materials in Mechanical Design

297:Composite Manufacturing [Spring]

CM280A Nano/Micro Mfg [Winter]

Students in the MSOL program
may pay the MSOL fee and attend up to three courses on campus pending
sufficient room in the class.  Please
coordinate this with the MSOL program director.