Nasr Ghoniem's headshot
Nasr Ghoniem, instructor of MAE C296A

MAE 296A Course Overview

Mechanical Design I

Course Description
Lecture, four hours; outside study, eight hours. Enforced requisite: course MAE 156A. Material selection in mechanical design. Load and stress analysis. Deflection and stiffness. Failure due to static loading. Fatigue failure. Design for safety factors and reliability. Statistical considerations in design. Applications of failure prevention in design of power transmission shafting. Design project involving computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) modeling. Concurrently scheduled with course C156B. Letter grading.

Background students will need
Although prerequisites are not enforced for graduate students, it is strongly recommended that each student has taken courses equivalent to “Advanced Strength of Materials”.

About the Instructor
Nasr M. Ghoniem: University of California Distinguished Professor, Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering (University of Wisconsin, 1977), Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), The American Nuclear Society (ANS), The American Academy of Mechanics (AAM), and The Materials Research Society (MRS). Professor Ghoniem has many professional awards spanning diverse areas of research from Nuclear Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science, and Theoretical Mechanics. He has unique design experience, especially in the development of materials in severe design environments.

Research Interest: Damage and Failure of Materials in Mechanical Design; Mechanics and Physics of Material Defects (point defects, dislocations, voids and cracks); Material Degradation in Severe Environments (e.g. Nuclear Fusion, Rocket Engines, etc.); Plasma and Laser Processing; Materials Non-equilibrium, Pattern formation and Instability Phenomena; Radiation Interaction with Materials (neutrons, electrons, particles, laser & photons).

Course Objectives
Week 1
    Introduction to Mechanical Design
    Material Selection

Week 2
    Material Selection
    Load and Stress Analysis – I

Week 3
    Load and Stress Analysis – II
    Deflection and Stiffness – I

Week 4
    Deflection and Stiffness – II
    FEM and COMSOL Multiphysics Design – I

Week 5
    FEM and COMSOL Multiphysics Design – II
    Static Failure – I

Week 6
    Static Failure – II

Week 7
    Fatigue Design – I
    Fatigue Design – II

Week 8
    Fatigue Design – III
    Fatigue Design – IV

Week 9
    Design of Power Transmission, Shafting – I
    Design of Power Transmission, Shafting – II

Week 10
    Design of Power Transmission, Shafting – III