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Special Topics in Circuits and Embedded Systems

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Description of the Course

Danijela Cabric

Lecture, four hours; outside study, eight hours. Special topics
in one or more aspects of circuits and embedded systems, such as
digital, analog, mixed-signal, and radio frequency integrated circuits
(RF ICs); electronic design automation; wireless communication circuits
and systems; embedded processor architectures; embedded software;
distributed sensor and actuator networks; robotics; and embedded
security. May be repeated for credit with topic change. S/U or letter

About the Instructor
Danijela Cabric: Danijela Cabric received the Dipl. Ing. degree from the University of
Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1998, and the M.S. degree in electrical
engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2001. She
received her Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University
of California, Berkeley, in 2006, where she was a member of the
Berkeley Wireless Research Center. In 2001, she was with Innovics
Wireless, Los Angeles, where she worked as a Senior System Design
Engineer on the algorithm development for a dual-antenna WCDMA mobile
receiver. In 2004, she held an internship position with Intel
Corporation, Santa Clara, where she worked on the system design of a
cognitive radio in the UHF TV band. Her current research interests
include cognitive radio physical layer design and multiple-antenna
system implementation.


Lecture 1


Lecture 2

      Wireless System Design Overview

Lecture 3

      Wireless Channel

Lecture 4

      Single Carrier Systems

Lecture 5

     Multi Carrier Systems

Lecture 6

      MIMO Systems

Lecture 7

      Wideband Radio Architectures

Lecture 8

      Impact of RF Impairments

Lecture 9

      Correction of RF impairments

Lecture 10

     Cognitive Radio Introduction


Lecture 11

      CR: Spectrum Sensing

Lecture 12

      CR: Spectrum Sensing

Lecture 13

      CR: Signal classification

Lecture 14

      CR: RF intelligence, Localization, Security

Lecture 15

      UWB Radios Introduction, Architectures

Lecture 16

      UWB Impulse Radio Design

Lecture 17

      UWB: OFDM Design

Lecture 18

      60 Ghz: Architectures, Implementations

Lecture 19

      60 Ghz: Single Carrier MIMO Design

Lecture 20

      60 Ghz: Multi Carrier MIMO Design

Final Exam

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