Graduation Information

1. Enroll in your last course and designate an advisor to supervise your project: ENGR 299 (Research project). For additional information or a description of the research project please refer to the link below:

2. Request and fill out a Petition for Advancement to Candidacy from our office, this form needs to be sent in no later than the second week of the quarter you expect the award of the degree.  To request an advancement to candidacy form please email your first and last name to .

The form must be returned to the MSOL office via


Email: , or Fax 310-825-3081

Diploma and Transcript Requests

Diploma Requests
Diplomas can be requested by filling out the Diploma Request Form
Diploma mailed to U.S. address $8.00
Diploma mailed to foreign address $19.00

Click here for the Diploma Request form

Transcripts Request
Transcripts can be requested by filling out the Transcript Request Form
Fees: $10.00 each

Click here for the Transcript Request form

Click here for additional information about diplomas (FAQ)